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Pound Park Nursery School

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The Business Challenge
Members of staff in the care sector are required to achieve NVQ2. This is of great benefit to the employer as it means their workforce is not only more qualified and knowledgeable but also more confident and feel more valued in their role.
Due to time and distance constraints, however, it is often difficult and inefficient for the staff members to attend college for this training. Moreover, the practical element of the qualification needs to take place in a work environment in order for the learners to be observed.

The Solution
Greenwich Community College have now been working with Pound Park Nursery School since 2008, delivering NVQ2 qualifications in Children’s Care Learning and Development (CCLD) funded through Train to Gain.
Initially the school was sceptical about how this would work as they had not had training delivered in house previously, however they have been so impressed with the way in which the qualifications have been delivered that they have requested further training.

The Impact
The learners that completed their NVQ2 qualifications have now moved on to their NVQ3 qualification with Greenwich Community College, which is being funded by Pound Park.
One staff member has gone on to take their A1 Assessors Award with us and there is a new group of NVQ2 CCLD learners started this term.

Employer View
The manager at Pound Park Nursery School has passed on her positive feedback to other schools and childcare settings in the local area and through this learners from Charlton Family Centre and Thorntree School have also joined the new NVQ2 group.

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